Alain Basso


After violin studies at Annecy music school, he opens himself to amplified musics, in bands of experimental rock, where he finds gradually a passion for the sound manipulations. The Collectif & Cie electroacoustic background allows him to study the sound in another scale and to fully become a composer. His encounter with Tristan Murail in 1995, makes him aware that through certain instrumental writings, and particularly the spectralist approach, he can extend his research as a composer, with he then develops in Éric Gaudibert’s class at Geneva.

When he explores the sound material, he tries as much to obtain new modes of expression as to produce unexpected sensations, with the most tactile possible tones. About this, Alain Savouret consider him as a real sound sculptor. He is also developing new lutherie to process live sound in mixed music and improvisation.

Very soon, he's initiated by the director Béatrice Slasak to experimental cinema, whose the pictorial dimension and temporal oddness fascinate him. From his first images at ESEC, school of cinema in Paris, he searches natural effects of plasticity and invest himself into video art, while diving deep into his classical and modern cinema knowledge, as well as that of special effects and animated cinema, with he has frequented since childhood. He achieved somme success in his work as a director for his short fiction film, « D’entre les morts », including several awards at festivals.

He stages in own shows, most recently the opera, « Èves Futures », that synthesizes his inclinations for history, literature, sound semiology and relationship between music and moving images. The poetic aspect, at the origin of his inspiration, is a constant in the whole of his production.